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Originally Posted by dms View Post
does not actually affect the alignment that much but it can change the way the car handles. I.E. a split configured tire might look great, but the handling is reduced as compaired to having a oversized tires front and rear being equal.

What tires/tire size were you thinking of?

Took it to the dealer today for an alignment, 1" drop, 275/40 Pirelli's up front, 315/35 Nitti Invo's on the rear.
Gave them the recommendations from the site, street 75%/track 25% is what I was shooting for.
Camber -1.4
Caster 8.0
Toe 1/16" in

Camber -0.9
Toe 1/16" in

When I picked it up, I see they got Camber and Toe very close to what I wanted, but Caster on the front is 6.0 with a note on the invoice saying caster is not adjustable. I thought that was just rear only on the non-adjustable caster.

Appreciate any input and whether I need to clarify the camber issue with the dealer.
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