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Originally Posted by Scourage View Post
Took it to the dealer today for an alignment, 1" drop, 275/40 Pirelli's up front, 315/35 Nitti Invo's on the rear.
Gave them the recommendations from the site, street 75%/track 25% is what I was shooting for.
Camber -1.4
Caster 8.0
Toe 1/16" in

Camber -0.9
Toe 1/16" in

When I picked it up, I see they got Camber and Toe very close to what I wanted, but Caster on the front is 6.0 with a note on the invoice saying caster is not adjustable. I thought that was just rear only on the non-adjustable caster.

Appreciate any input and whether I need to clarify the camber issue with the dealer.
Caster is not adjustable on the front. But Pedders makes an eccentric that will make it adjustable and will add 1.0 to 1.25 degrees caster. It does require slotting the hole which will take about .5 to 1.0 hours to complete

Reducing your rear camber to 50% of the front will reduce your plowing when driven very aggressively. Also taking the front toe to .1 degrees toe out each wheel will make a positive affect as well.

There is a signficant thread or 2 on the caster eccentrics.

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