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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
This is a GREAT thread! Thank you for the valuable information. I'm a noob at upgrading cars and I've learned a lot here.

I also have an L99 and I've tried to install mods slowly after doing my homework. I currently have a Cold Air Inductions intake, Kooks LT catted 1 7/8 (coated) headers, 160 deg. thermostat, a Borla Touring exhaust, and a dynotune (AFM is gone). (I've also had the Pfadt sport suspension+ installed.)

I have been reading about cams and forced induction. I think I've abandoned the idea of a cam on an L99. It may be more trouble than it's worth. So, I'm still considering the Magnacharger TVS2300.

Will my CAI intake work with the Magnacharger? If I go with the Magnacharger what else will I need to buy or have installed? After reading this thread it seems that the tvs2300 comes with everything I'd need.

I will also add that I want my car to be very driveable. I will not be doing any serious racing, but I might try a day at the track to drive a few laps just to let it rip a bit. Reliability is a must.

Thanks for any comments you kind folks might have.
I believe you can make your CAI work with the Maggie. The Maggie is a complete kit. Just order it, install it, have it dyno tuned because of your headers, and enjoy.

I have the Kenne Bell. Beautiful product.
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