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Originally Posted by SonnyakaPig View Post
Yeah, the Magnacharger offers the 3/36,000 mi powertrain warranty.

But the thing that gets me about that kind of warranty from a supercharger company is, what happens if you install the blower, use the canned tune, and something happens to your engine or trans?

Assuming, Magnacharger approves your warranty claim (or whoever does that, maybe a third party warrantor), the limited amount of money you are entitled to will probably not be enough to rebuild a broken engine. And even if it is enough, and you rebuild your engine back to stock, what is going to stop your car from experiencing the same problem again?

And if something else happens after the first warranty claim, most if not all of your warranty money will be exhausted.

Btw, I highly doubt a Magnacharger with their stock, conservative tune would ever harm an engine. I'm just saying.

And regarding Emma, who you were referring to, they would not be entitled to obtain the Magnacharger warranty, because they have headers and would require a custom tune.
Another great post, IMO I totally missed the LTs and forgot about the CAI, LOL!
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