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Originally Posted by hypurone View Post
I can attest to the C.A.I. brand of intake working with the maggie no problem. And making good numbers 480rwhp and 507 rwtq

The angle at the TB is a little off without modifying but causes NO issues. I went ahead and modified (angle cut) mine to straighten it out a bit.

Driveability is no different (if properly tuned) than stock. Except when you step on it! There are guys at 20000 miles on their SC systems without issue. As long as you don't get nuts and try to run 10psi daily (the general consensus and my tuners as well, is that 8psi is max. At least for 91 octane_
I really like the way the C.A.I. looks with the Maggie. Sweet setup. I've also been told that 8 psi is pretty much max safe boost for 91 octane.
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