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Originally Posted by Congoman775 View Post
Its an epic fail because i had to hear for weeks about how it was going to LOOSE weight from dumb ford fanboys.
I am virtually certain you are referring to me here. My response....reading comprehension is your friend. The below was posted by me on 9-26-2008

Originally Posted by syr74
2011 GT will weight more than the current model, but not by much due to a heavier engine and transmission. (think a bit less than 100lb) The chassis will be lighter. All weight gain will be due to the heavier drive-line and increased feature content. (2010 GT could weigh less than the current model since it will use the new chassis and the old 4.6L,5M which is lighter than the 5.0L, 6M coming for the 2011MY, but increased feature content makes this uncertain.)
By this point you are turning into a better source of disinformation than the Iraqi Defense Minister.
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