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Well, this has been a roller-coaster week and I'm a bit disappointed with GM right now. My dealer showed me his paperwork from GM stating that the sold order cutoff date was April 15. I placed my order on April 13. One should easily enough be able to order a car and get what they want. The dealer processed the order right away and gave me the workbench code. I have been calling GM Canada regularly for weeks to inquire about order status. It turns out that my order was accepted as a "preferred" order, which GM explained means that it only gets built if the number of orders reaches a certain lot size. The take home point is that my 1SS will not be built. I can convert my order to a 2011 and wait forever (and continue to pay for my current daily driver that I don't want).

Okay, fine. Then the dealer gives me a good price quote on a 2SS/RS and finds one at another dealer with IOM exterior and IO interior. Sweet. Now I'm stoked and I tell the dealer to make it happen. However, the dealer didn't act quickly enough and that 2SS got sold. Finally, I supposedly have an IOM 2SS/RS with black interior coming from yet another dealer. If this doesn't work out, I see a BMW 335i in my future. Either way, I doubt I'll buy another GM car (I should mention that this is the 10th car I've bought from this dealership in the last 15 years...). It shouldn't be so difficult to give one's money away. As a final kick in the ass, over the last several days, the GMAC interest rates went up. Because my original order didn't work out, now I have to buy the new car at the higher rate. F$#@!
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