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Originally Posted by Matrix View Post
No problem The_Blur. If you do some research into the pic, its actually about the Illuminati. You have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes!
The Star of David, historically, was the symbol of the Biblical King David ever since he found 2 triangular pieces of metal to protect himself in battle as a shield. It has been known to represent both fire and water or man and woman as a duality. The Jews use this as their primary symbol. It represents, to them, Israel at its prime, justice, and balance in the world. I'm sure there's more.

A lot of people seek out these sorts of symbols in society to explain conspiracy theories. The truth is that some shapes and signs are aesthetically pleasing, and the fact that a pyramid on the dollar looks anything like this could be a result of just looking nice. It's really hard to prove the reality of any such conspiracy.
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