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Angry *UPDATE*WORST DEALER WORK EVER!!!*look at what they did to my baby*

Here is the update, they fixed it but I'm still not happy! I made them give me a work order sheet, I MADE them write that we both, service advisor and I, saw the improperly installed bumper. The grill is NOT sitting against the turn signal area of the headlight, there is a gap. On my way out I also noticed that all the top screws had NOT been tightened.

He gave me a card for a body shop that they work with, he told me to take it and see what they said....I told him I wouldn't pay for anything, he said the dealer and the bodyshop would work things out. question to you guys. Can you guys do me a big favor and check if there is a gap between your stock grill and the turn signal portion of the headlight...thanks!

Cant see any damage from this angle.

So I took my car to:

Bud Eyre Chevrolet
321 N. China Lake Boulevard
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

To change out my headlight, I had one of those different color halo problems. The service guy Mike was awesome at helping me out, he saw the problem and put the part on order.

Today I got a call that the part was received. I dropped her off at 745am, at about 5pm I stopped by to pick her up. I looked over her and see that the front fascia is all F***ed up and warped!!! I call Mike out and he gets his supervisor (he mentioned was also half owner) to take a look at it, I hear the effin guy say ''was it like that when he brought it in?'' mike says ''NO'' guy says ''oh well, tell him to leave it'' WTF!!! no apology! I was expecting the supervisor/owner to be a little bit concerned, but nothing!! didnt even come out to see it!!

I left her there and hope they can fix her tomorrow! I feel f***ing sick!!!
needless to say, I AM NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN! and if you are from around here, I suggest you do the same!

HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY MISS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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