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Originally Posted by fcu678 View Post
I updated my order to include the ground effects on 11/12 and when I picked up the new order form I asked my dealer what the "Priority 1" meant because everyone seemed to have it. He said that Priority 1 means that it's a sold vehicle. He told me mine was definitely one of the first 5 that they ordered but I didn't see any other area on the order that confirmed that. Any ideas where to look?
My dealer has 12 Camaros guaranteed to be delivered between February and July of next year. Mine was the 2nd car which had a deposit put down on it. That put me down at priority #2. My guess would be that if you had several cars with priority #1 at your dealership then your dealership was guaranteed quite a bit more than 12 Camaros between February and July of next year.
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