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Thanks to Josh from New York! "A Smokin' delivery"

Thanks to Josh for taking a few days off from his firefighting job to fly in to get his car! I asked for a little help on this one, as yes, I was a firefighter / emt years ago....I know the brotherhood! So we contacted some of our great friends at the Cedarburg Fire Department....they brought over an engine, and parked it behind the dealership while waiting for me to arrive with Josh from the airport. We arrived, and I had Josh bring his things inside. I told my crew to bring the car around, and took Josh outside...moments later, the Cedarburg Fire Engine came around the corner, red lights and sirens....with Josh's Camaro right behind....a GREAT Camaro escort! Josh was what we in the EMT field say, "a Little in shock".....time seemed to stand still - like it was too much to take in... He went to his Camaro and had a back out, looked at the fire engine which was parked right in front of the car, and realized the two were kind of together. After various photo's (some shown here, and a video to come later tonight, and posted here in this thread), Josh was invited to the Cedarburg Fire Department for a tour. We hopped in the RJM 2SS/RS, and followed the engine back... Josh and I toured the whole building, and discussed comparison's and likeness's between Cedarburg and Ithaca's FD. My friends at Cedarburg gave Josh and I a Fire Dept shirt, and a patch. Thanks so much to those guys for making another firefighter's day, and welcoming him to Wisconsin!

We came back, and Josh got his paperwork done.....We went through the Camaro Scotty gift pack (which put him in more shock ) and then helped him load up the Camaro for the trip home. It was hard to say goodbye, but as anyone standing in front of their new Camaro knows, YOU WANT TO START DRIVING!!!! I could tell the morning could go down as one of the best mornings he's ever had. I had a great time putting it all together - and I couldn't sleep last night waiting for the morning to come! Josh - can't wait to read your "side" of the delivery when you get home...and thanks for letting me do what I do best! :!:

And Josh....there is ONE MORE SURPRISE.... but you'll find out about it VERY SOON

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