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Originally Posted by racer778 View Post
...removed the bow-tie as well, will probably add the SS emblem (unsure at this point)...
First of all... do what you want, you've done a great job with this & kept it very original at the same time, kudos!

But IMHO if you're interested, if the front grill you have installed is even with the front of the front fascia at any points I would not put an emblem on it (it looks like it stuck out some).

If you want an emblem maybe consider a brighter one (chrome?) behind that grill (if you have any special lighting maybe back-light it?) You've also got the CAMARO fender badges off, so I'd say you're fine to leave it off, but at the same time that just brings up the rear badges then...

Another idea might be to have the shop that did such a good job on the quarter panels french the badge of your choice into the grill so it does not stick out, that would be pretty sick. I'm personally not a fan of most of the SS badges I've seen replacing the bow-tie, but I also have not been keeping out at the options because of that, so maybe there's one that looks better (to me) than what I've seen.

Good luck & enjoy your toy!
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