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Originally Posted by 3nkosh-z\28 View Post
in old greek mythology zeus was known as king of the gods poseidon as god of the sea and hades as god of the underworld .. and as all of us know hades always tried to overthrow zeus so that he himself may be king of the gods......anyway to cut the long story short the three brothers decided that they will have a drag race to determine who will be the king of gods >>>> every one of the started building a car..... and this is why the story is important ,, poseidon used all his knowledge of the sea and built a challenger srt8 .. hades with all his devious ways built the mustang shelby gt500 ,, and zeus .... well what do you expect from the king of gods ??? nothing more than perfection .. the camaro z\28 .
once they were all done they met up on a nice sunday morning and went to the drag strip first to run was poseidons challenger which was a total disaster (( sorry poseidon but this is not a boat race )) next was hades who ran the gt500 ... his run was good but ,, he still had to see zeus run his car ........ when zeus turned the engine on hades knew that he will never be the king of gods he new from the sound of the roaring engine that it was all over .......some say that once zeus floored it he himself with all his might and power could not control what he had built he could't control this mighty beast ... and that the z\28 was never seen since then ........ tge myan calander on the other hand predicts that it will return in 2012 ...

hust thought we'd have a little fun
Hey, a great story, thanks. Now if Zeus can just tell GM to bring the Z/28 to the masses, the world will be perfect again. OK, not perfect, but much better place to be with a Z/28 running around.
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