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Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Will the Urethane front be avail? I'd like all the material to match, rather than have the front be fiberglass.
While the urethane version is planned, it has not yet been scheduled. There are other projects (including a V6 version) in the pipeline ahead of it. As far as matching, once installed and painted, it all matches up fine as you see in the photos. I doubt anyone could tell what parts are urethane vs what parts are fiberglass after installation.

Originally Posted by SummoneR View Post
Another question.

I have an aftermarket exhaust. How much longer does the stock exhaust need to be to fit? I am hoping my after market will go out that far. I know the site says your tips are 4.5" long, but if the factory is 3 then we should only need another 1.5" Hence the point of my question.

Thank you.
First off, thanks for answering some of the earlier questions. Maybe we should hire you.

There are two things to consider with the exhaust tips; length and outlet diameter. The outlets of the tips are 4.5" inches in diameter, the length of the tips is about 9" or so. On an SS, you'll need to extend the tips out about 3"-4" or so (depending on how far out you want them to extend beyond the fascia). On our car, we have them about 1/2" out from flush with the rear fascia. The tips on an SS are 4" diameter so they fill the opening ok and SS owners can get away with using their factory tips and simply having them extended from the mufflers by about 3"-4". On the V6 models, the tips are a lot smaller in diameter and would not look right in the larger opening so V6 owners really need to replace the tips with something with a larger outlet diameter to fill the opening nicely.

Originally Posted by herkman View Post
Can I get just the rear fascia?
Individual pieces will be available shortly but we'd like to get through some of the full kit orders before offering individual pieces. That should happen soon.

Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
Does the front facia need to be removed for installation?
No, the front air dam is a pretty easy installation. It slips right over the existing fascia and is secured by automotive grade double sided tape across the front and also uses custom made brackets to secure it to existing bolts in the wheel well area.
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