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So, we placed the order for a new 1SS/RS Camaro and received an 1100 Event Code on October 13, 2009. This car was purchased with the knowledge that it was going to be used as a dual purpose street and race vehicle so a 1SS/RS was chosen. Black because it was going to be themed around stealth - let's just say there is a familiarity with what makes a B-2 tick. Hence, the SST Camaro.

Once the Event Code hit the 3000 series, a new Nelson Racing Engines Twin Turbo 376 based on the LS3 block engine was ordered. Note the date on the invoice. I figured it would be smart to have the motor ready for the car when it would be delivered in April...

Below is a pic of the engine the SST was originally going to get. Notice the word "originally".
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