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Originally Posted by Texhawk View Post
As pointed out in the service bulletin, the tires can be balanced, but the tire/wheel assembly may have a high or low spot that only shows up under load testing of the assembly. The wheel may have a slight high point and the tire may have a high point, that if they are not offset by the way the tire is mounted, could cause a vibration.

Could just be a bad set of tires.
Thank God for the service bulletin! Itís called a tire hop. Took it to two dealerships, explained what and how to fix it. Their response was a blank stare. @(*$%^& Idiots! The bad part is the second dealer trip was AFTER the service bulletin was released. I'll stop my comments there. However, I'm going to call the local Caddy dealership to have it looked at this time. Fingers crossed I'll come back with a smooth drive.
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