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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
The tubbing pics you posted awhile back were sure interesting.
Getting there. You beat me to it...
Originally Posted by super60 View Post

Looking forward to following your Camaro's journey Hope all is well with you and the family .

Best Regards from Oshawa

Thanks Mike !! You must be enjoying some great summer weather up there right now. Will be heading up to 1000 Islands in a few weeks. Now everytime we head over the border to B-Ville it reminds me of my Canadian friend...

When originally figuring out what to do with the SST, the first choice was to run with a simple 6 or 8 point rollbar. That was based on the twin turbo 376 build. Since it was now decided to turn it up a notch and the car would likely break into the single digits, it was decided to go with a full cage. So an 8.50 cert cage was designed and built. This cage is also set up to be able to be modified for a 7.50 cage, but that would make the car unstreetable, so that will not be done right now. This is first and foremost a street legal car which means that the cage would have to be as much a part of the Camaro as we could reasonably make it, hence items like the front downtubes go through the dash, not in front of it.

The first pic is the rollcage plates, showing the attention to detail.
The second is how the cage was fit to the A-Pillar.
The third is the fit of the halo bar.
The fourth pic is of the complete rollcage.
The fifth pic is a shot showing the attention to detail of the welds and supports.
The sixth pic is the rear firewall. This is an NHRA rquirement with fuel cells in the back.
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