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as I've said before, Ford Sells Cars GM MAKES them

god, its rediculous how ford just doesnt realize that not everyone wants a car called "mustang" you could make it look like the camaro, maybe then you'd sell more units, cus we all know thats all you give a damn about is makin profit off an underpowered, overrated pos, so you can offer craploads of diff versions... "ooooh, get the 'pony package', its got a spoiler, its still a v-6, but look now ur different from everyone...except those others that are sucked in the same way." "ooh, look, now we're offering a supercharger so you can spend $7k more for this car and only get 400 hp at the flywheel, so what if the new camaro is going to have that N/A? its not coming out for another year, so you should get a mustang now before its too late"

damn I hate ford...

sorry, just venting. no offense to you mustang owners here, i know the Camaro isnt perfect either, but fords marketing plan has just pushed me over the edge and it sucks cus w still have to wait for the new camaro.
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