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Originally Posted by dmax86 View Post
I'm not looking for a 900rwhp car just 600-700rwhp. Ive had the Procharger and i did like it but i didn't like the oil changes and the noise at idle.... and the turbo is sweet but i don't want to change my cam or have a real loud turbo whistle.... i have my 500hp/1000tq duramax for that! i really feel like i would like to give to TVS 2300 a try plus i don't want to throw away my money i spent on my intake.... my thoughts are if the technology is good enough for the cts-v and zr-1 i think it would be fine....

But is traction an issue with the TVS 2300 ??

Also, is it true that the TVS will get outperformed in the long haul with other blowers capable of pushing more boost?
Traction is an issue with ANY FI system. for the power you are looking to make you can go with any FI setup.

It all depends on when and how you want to make power. Positive Vs Negative desplacement blowers make power differently that you can feel. Not to say one is bad or one is better. Just decide what you want.

As you said Torque is cool.

The Maggie is known for making better torque at lower RPM's... Hence why you think traction could be a problem.... but with a 600 - 700 HP build... you're gonna have that problem anyway....

Go with what works best for you and how you intend to drive it.
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