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Originally Posted by dmax86 View Post
like i said i have a D1 in my single cab 5.3 but its a different world with a car now.... so i really want to try a positive displaced SC.. does anyone know whats the max boost the TVS can push and the max hp the stock internals can handle???
You need to look at a hp number vs a boost number for what the TVS can do. Just one old redneck's opinion here, but I'd be comfortable with the TVS at 700 rwhp and under. No need for exotic blower drives and it's easily done. Yes, it can go higher, but not so easy.

As far as boost, again, it's a question of how hard you want to push it. Run fairly mild boost and you get your power without extra heat and belt slip. You can just add boost to a stock motor and be limited to mid 500's before you get into belt slip and high boost/high heat. Add a good intake, LT headers/good exhaust, and a mild blower cam.....and you can get to the 700 rwhp easily that the TVS is capable of.

As far as what hp the LS3 can handle....that's a crap shoot for sure. Do you feel lucky? I've been at 670+ for about a year. So far so good.
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