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Originally Posted by SonnyakaPig View Post
I asked him the same question. This was his response (maybe you already read it on the YouTube comments):

"You have to shift into the gears _just_ right.. if I were to launch the car it'd be all over the place. I kinda ease in around 2k rpm's and it'll stay straight the whole way. As far as how much power I'm making, I don't know yet :-/ Haven't dyno tuned it yet."

That was a near perfect launch.
I used to have Paxton [centri S?C] on my Z06 and it helped with a better launch since you don't have too much low end TQ, but after that, you have to keep the RPM up, and that's how he was able to maintain a steady speed. I saw some of his other videos. That car wouldn't last six months the way he is driving it.
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