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I'm really impressed with the Camaro SS handling on wet mountain roads, and the GVW.


Just so you guys know I'm a 40 year old professional driver. I drive a gasoline tanker about 350 miles and 12 hrs a day. I've owned 20-30 cars in my life. A lot of them have been sports cars for example 67 camaro rs conv, 66 chevelle ss 396, 80 Turbo T/A indy pace car, 89 Formula 350, and some sedans like subaru's, mazdas, dodges, hondas, ect...

Anyway, I took my Camaro SS/RS A6 out for a real road trip yesturday to the mountains. I drove about 100 miles to get to the mountains, and about 100 miles to get back. Total I drove about 8.5 hours and about 400 miles.

I knew there was a chance of heavy rain, but I wasn't going to let it ruin my day. Keep in mind I've been protecting my car from the elements in a garage for 5 months. So, I've never driven it in the rain before.

I was really impressed with the cars handling, braking, and accelerating in the rain. I was driving on curvy roads with steep inclines and declines in windy sever thunderstorm weather at times. I tried hard accelerations with and without the traction control, went thru the mountain curves at dry weather speed. The car handled in the rain the whole time just like the roads were dry! It accelerated up the inclines like it was nothing. I never felt any power loss at high altitudes. During the declines the car braked effortlessly. Infact I really didn't have to brake too much because the motor help out a bit. One time I did use the tap shift to go down to 5th to help keep the car from coasting away past the 55 MPH speed limit. Everything felt so tight and resposive just as if it was a sunny day. I've never felt so safe in a car before.

All this got me thinking about the cars GVW. Some people complain about the weight of the car but after driving in the rain I'm happy to say that I'm glad the car is heavy and strong. I'm happy that the car is built well and strong. It gives me that extra feeling of security driving in unplanned bad weather.

The car is very comforable. After all that driving, basically 400 miles in 8.5 hours, my wife and I never got uncomfortable, or soar behinds. The car is great to drive!

Another thing I found a use for after 5 months was the tap shifter. I used it for 2 things yesturday going down steep grades, and when that mustang pulled up to me I put it in the power range ! He didn't like that very much !
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