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Originally Posted by phenixdragon View Post
Actually you can deny speaking to the cop.

Basically a cop can NOT go up to random people and start questioning them. Bottom line is this guy was on private property, a cop can not go up and just start questioning when no laws are being broken. That is illegal.
Ok...since what you are saying is true to private property not public access you are not wrong or right. So please take this with no disrespect, but stop feeding this guy information that applies to your state. What applies in your state may not apply in his. The parking lot is private property but there is a stipulation because it is open to the public...quasi-public property.

Laws that govern police authority for parking and traffic violations on quasi-public property vary from state to state. In MOST states...At the request of the property owner, cops can enforce ALL traffic and parking laws. Most business owners prefer this to manage reckless/careless driving through their property. This INCLUDES simple equipment violations. Most property owners routinely request this as their insurance companies REQUIRE them to grant police authority. It is also FREE to them to do so as opposed to employing private security.

What you are speaking of is TRUE private property with no access to general public. Property that public has NO access too. Gas stations, convenience stores, retail businesses are held to those same restrictions. You have the right idea..and in WA where you live it may actually be all private. In Florida, GA, MS, TN, WV, and many other states on the east coast consider these all PUBLIC ACCESS - PRIVATE. Meaning officers absolutely can enforce any violations, conduct any investigation to include criminal law and traffic crashes.

The guy was off-duty but has state jurisdiction. Was it uncalled for? let the poster be the judge of that in his own state, he didn't get a citation.
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