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OK, Jumping around a little here, but to complete the wheel tub and frame modifications, here are a few more small details plus the tire/wheel combo that will be on the SST when the stock ones aren't. These are a must for any type of race scenario.

First Pic - The vertical orange line is where the upper factory rear subframe mount and coilover pocket will be modified for clearance. This was the test fit with a 335/18 tire we had lying around. The coilovers are a special set made that have a small 2.5" diameter spring versus the factory 5" beehive. The upper mounts are being custom made by Craig at Xtreme Innovations which is also where the chromoly coil overs came from.
Second Pic - Forgeline SP3P Wheels for SST. Black with CNC Diamond Cut
Third Pic - Rear Tire/Wheel Combo 18 x 12.5 wheel with Mickey Thompson P345/35R18 Drag Radial tire (The front rims are 18 x 9 with Goodyear 275 F1's)
Fourth Pic - These Wheels were made with the maximum backspace that Dave, Doug and Scott at Forgeline could do.
Fifth Pic - The 345 Drag Radial next to a 235 on my wife's Magnum for scale. Two of these DR's side by side are just a little bit short of a yardstick wide.
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