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Let's see if I can revisit some issues after driving this car for a year now...

1. There's no light in the glove box....really now...
2. Passenger seat needs to be power. At least up and down.
3. Need a bypass for that d@mn door chime. Or at least add an option other than LOUD and LOUDER... kinda like, "OFF."
4. ABL in dash. Just because you are "possibly" coming out with a new "dash" does not mean you can simply saw screw the first two model years of the Camaro with the dash ABL. Part of the problem with the CURRENT dash is that you guys never bothered to FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED. I mean c' can't do ABL in the doors and then GIVE UP on the dash! And if I hit a nerve there, it was meant. GOOD. Because THAT IS HOW I FEEL. I spent hundreds of dollars and a good 30 man hours trying different combinations on that dash...3 different passenger inserts (at $89 a pop), two driver inserts ($40), paint, sand paper, sander, bla bla bla...

ABL IS A MUST for us STILL in 2010 and for the 2011 year. Shoot. At least give us the option of buying an aftermarket kit to complete the darn thing. You know it will sell and you know you will make money off of it. Will I buy it? You can put me first in line. PROMISE. Yes, I am happy with what I have now, but what about the other 100,000 people? Not nice...not nice at all...

...where was I...oh,

5. USB and the radio. I'm tired of seeing "no supported data found. You may safely remove the device" message on my screen when I start up my car. I have a USB. It worked for a year. Now it suddenly does not want to work? Software...give me a new update please. (I also wish it would stay in the same folder you were in once you turned the car off and back on).

6. Power outputs. Make them a constant, please....please... If I need to charge my phone but don't want to sit there in my running car for 20 minutes, I shouldn't have to. Make it to where the power can stay on (even if it's for 20 minutes) to the power outlets so we can use that power for whatever we need.

7. Give me control over my halo's and fogs...complete control. If I want both of them on at night, I should have that option...from the factory.

8. Fix the rattles. I still need to have that rear C-pillar rattle looked at.

9. Get better speakers. I was FLOORED when I heard BA was going to have the radio in the car. What happens? BA gives us paper speakers that can't handle anything beyond 35 on the volume...yet the radio will go up to 45. Why? So I can blow the speakers and get new ones? I had to put bass blockers in all the speakers so when I turn it up past 35, it does not distort.

10. Back up camera in the rear view mirror?

11. ...I'll come up with more later.

Thanks for listening.

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