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Originally Posted by ViperTomcat View Post
Camaro sales are already falling.

The question is not preventing a fall, its stopping the fall and reversing it.

The decline has started.
Originally Posted by AZCamaroFan View Post
7,500 in june, more than january or feb and about the same as last september, july and december. Or two and a half times your challenger.
thanks for sharing.
Yeah, knowing the facts is different than knowing what the facts mean, and how to interpret them.

The Camaro trend is only slightly down for the past year... and given that last year ('09) was the first for the Camaro since '02, it is expected to take a drop. The fact that is has only slightly dropped, June to June, is amazing! And not to mention 2010 hasn't been a stellar year... but still putting out relatively good sales figures.

Overall, the fact that all 3 brands are doing well, or on the rise... tells me one thing. American quality and reliability is back on top!! Our politics may be for crap, but our product will beat the pants off anyone who tries to compete!

Buy American! (you won't regret it!)
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