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Talking Gorilla Locks-Black or Chrome Wheel Locks At Apex Motorsports

Apex Motorsports has quickly become Camaro5's source for Gorilla Wheel Locks. We offer several options for locks IN STOCK including Gorilla Guard (spinning outer) 4 packs and the 20 pack "Systems", in chrome as well as black for those with black rims.

Don't end up like this...

When all you need is this...

Gorilla Wheel Lock 20 pack "System"-black finish: $56.95

Gorilla Wheel Lock 20 pack "System"-chrome finish: $47.95

Here is what one of our customers have to say about his experience with Apex Motorsports:

Originally Posted by LittleRockCGM View Post
I just want to say that I ordered a set on Monday and I got them today! Outstanding customer service - communication was fantastic! You guys have got this down to a science! Thanks!
Gorilla black wheel lock and key on the far right.

Camaro5 member BOBSS with black wheel locks.

Camaro5 member Darth Emma with black wheel locks on her sweet Savini wheels.

Camaro5 member ElManny with black wheel locks on his iForged wheels.

Camaro5 member LittleRockCGM with some chrome wheel locks.

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