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Interactive map of muscle car interest (by search popularity) has launched a neat interactive map of the U.S. showing areas of muscle car interest, based on search popularity of the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger on its site.

The color-coded map differentiates the models, and you can click on any circle to see the percentage above average. This percentage is the amount of searches above the average search, which is why large cities are less prevalent on this map. The bigger the circle, the larger the search disparity.

For example, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Ford Mustang searches on are 1,894 percent higher than the national average. In Fitzgerald, Georgia, Chevy Camaro searches are 753 percent above average and in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Dodge Challenger searches are 1,840 percent above the national average.

There's one catch to the map, however: the percentages are highest in small towns, so if you live in a big city, a substantial spike in pony car searches is unlikely. For the record, says that the Mustang has the highest search total of the three vehicles.
Since this "interest" map is only based off of searches conducted on, it's not really the most accurate gauge of interest in each particular car, but still, it's a neat look at search patterns for each muscle car.

*This map uses search data from May 2009 through May 2010 and compares it to the national average search traffic during that timeframe. To make it onto the map, there needs to be a minimum number of searches for the particular model in the same timeframe.


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