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Originally Posted by BlownSS View Post
i looked around online and this seems to be the price accross the board for the black ones. Is there a special price for us Camaro5 Members? How durable is the paint on the black ones ? What kinda warranty ?
To be honest, the reason the price is the same across the board is because that is about the lowest price you can offer them at. The major benefit to ordering from Apex Motorsports, other than you are supporting a vendor that supports your community, is that the black lug nuts are special order item that we actually stock. No waiting 2-3 weeks. As far as finish durability goes, we have yet to have anyone have issues. We have a black set that has been installed and the only place where you can tell was where the locks seat with the rim, and that was only visible on a handful of them. Gorilla offers a 1 year defect warranty on there lug nuts.
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