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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
How did PQ get a delivery on a holiday? He must be special!
Oh, he's special all right... He's so special that we are going to just save HIS order for last!
Originally Posted by iluvmy67camaro View Post
I ordered my pink shirt on July 1st, can you give me an approximate date that it will be arriving in my mailbox?

Oh, and I need to make an announcement:

My Son has married his first wife, again! We asked them why they got married and their answer was " to do it right this time ". So they kept it a secret, it turns out they got married back in May, she had been living with him for a few months prior to that and they are now expecting their first baby.

I'm going to be a GRANDMA

She has a daughter from her first marriage (not to my son) so I will be needing a pink t-shirt for her in a size 2T... any idea when you will have the childrens sizes available in the pink T's?

Isn't life amazing!
Congrats!!!! How cool is that!

Regarding shipping out the shirts, they are not in yet. Mrs.Tag says you are in the 2nd batch if you ordered July 1st. Regardless, our printer did not get all the shirts he needed in time to print them last week. Yes, we are not too happy about this. But, as I specifically stated earlier, "as long as there are no hitches or snags," then we would be fine. Well, there's printers first snafu...and hopefully the last.

We will keep everyone updated and get them out as soon as they come in. Believe me, as soon as they are here, we'll let everyone know!
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