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Hi everyone...I have received a few "where are my shirts" emails so I thought I would post my response to the one I received today...

"I have neither the space nor the money to have an inventory on hand and have opted for a once-a-week printing until I can slowly build up one. We submit our orders to the printer every Monday morning. My contact had initially told me that the first order should take a week to print and that I should receive it today. Today, I received an email stating that since the shirts did not come from one warehouse, but from all over the country, he was waiting until he got them all to go to print. I am sorry for the wait and inconvenience. You will be receiving your shirt as soon as I get them and can send them back out to you all. Please be patient."

The emoticons that applied to me this morning after I read the email from the printer were and

All I can say is, please be I am TRYING to be.
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