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Alright, here are some upgrades made to the cooling system. Horsepower = heat, so the cooling system must be up to the task. Ron Davis does incredible cooling systems for all forms of racing. Talk to anyone and they will eventually send you to Ron Davis. I recommend them highly.

So they custom built a radiator to the specs of the SST Camaro with the knowledge of its higher than normal cooling requirements. Most radiators have 3 or 4 small "cores" that traverse the radiator between the caps. A typical Davis radiator uses two larger 1" cores that flow about 3x a standard radiator. A bonus with the 5th gen Camaro is the added space which allowed us to max this radiator out with two 1.25" radiator cores. This effectively gives it a cooling capacity many multiples over stock. The one pic gives you the idea as this radiator core is 4" thick.

Since this is an automatic transmission that has a converter with a significantly higher stall speed, transmission cooling becomes paramount. Also note that a good transmission cooling system is only about 5% of the cost of a replacement transmission, so keep that in mind. So the radiator was sent back to RD and they put a custom high pressure tranny cooler and reserve in the bottom of the radiator - beautiful work.

Another thing about aftermarket radiators is that they usually come with Spal fans which are considered pretty bulletproof. Well the guys out at NRE were farting around with the setup sent by Ron Davis and found that the factory GM fans not only flowed MORE than the same size Spal, but they did it with LESS current draw. So...the radiator was again sent back to RD and they made a custom mounting system for the factory fans. Lesson here - keep your factory fans - they kick butt !!

OK, so here are the radiator/fan pics.

First Pic - SST Camaro Extreme Capacity Radiator
Second Pic - Thickness of the core - 4"
Third Pic - The high pressure transmission cooler/reservoir they added
Fourth Pic - Better shot of the mounts they made for the factory fans
Fifth Pic - How is sits in the Camaro. You'd think it came from the factory. Also, don't mind the turbos in that shot, they were just used along with the old motor to make sure everything would fit.
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