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few tidbits:
1. sorry for the awful color/white balance in the one set of photos, took shots after a washing and didn't realize I had the custom white balance from a previous shoot on. couldn't get it totally corrected - but it is much better than they came out originally..
2. here's what's wrong with the car:
a. the nose cone has signs of actual use. This means some rock chips here and there on the paint and the decals - the car is not a zero mile show car, if you want that look north of 25K or plan on restoring the paint to new condition..
b. The bass knob on the radio is stuck in - I will get around to fixing that, maybe.
c. the clutch grabs high - it grabs fine and does not slip but it does grab high to the point where I get used to it and come close to stalling the vette who's clutch is brand new as it is a new car.
d. The wheels could use a clay/polishing - no curb rash or bends but they are not pristine and need to come off for a detailed cleaning
e. (to be fixed soon) - needs a new air cleaner.

Other than that, this car is really in amazing shape and would be a great addition to a collector's fleet. I would love to keep it but I just don't have the time for it and I don't want it to sit and rot. Family, work and a 2009 Z06 keep me more than busy..
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