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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Powerglide?!?!? :eek: I thought Standards were quicker in drags?
Either way, Awesome Video!

Imagine how much quicker that Camaro would have gone if somebody..."smaller" drove it
standards may be the choice of preference when it comes to street racing, but the human body cant move fast enough to equal the speed of an auto, plus the autos that these guys are runnin aren't ur typical street trannies

Originally Posted by z28camaro2471 View Post
:tweetz: Actually Glides are the way to go with drag racing, less time lost shifting. In theory, your fastest pass would be run at a constant RPM (peak power) down the entire track with some converter slip at launch to minimize tire spin. With a 4 speed, you have three times to miss a shift and/or shift at the wrong RPM plus one chance to screw up your launch.

That said, I'll still pick a stick any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Yeah dude could stand to lose a few pounds eh?
for a dd/street machine, id prefer stick, but if I was building a pure race car, id go with a beefed up auto. and a hell of a stall w/ trans brake.
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Nobody makes CamaroSpike happy. You just disgust him a little less than other people.

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Post count is truly an accurate measure of how cool someone is on the Internet.
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I piss excellence
and fart awesomeness
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But not all people were born awesome like you, Spike.
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