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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Dats a BIG cool would that be if you didn't need the intercooler. I wonder what the weight will come out to be once it's finished. Not like it's really going to matter...hehehe...but

We still need the intercooler for the turbos but we switched from an Air-To-Air to an Air-To-Water specifically for the SST. Since this car will see a fair amount of track time the only way to actually control the intercooler is Air-To-Water. That way if it is a super hot day I can pump dry ice/ice through the it before a run and drop the IAT's.

Here are a couple of pics of the custom SST Air-to-Air Intercooler. It is a monster. The workmanship is again flawless. If anyone would like this intercooler for their FI Camaro, PM me. I'd rather have a C5 member be able to use it.
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