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[QUOTE=thesubfloor;2068961]With all due respect to you and your background I beg to differ because yeah, it kinda is pretty much a plug and play mod.

I've had 5 different variations of Yank converters in my car (that varied by design and stall speed) and a reworked XLR (before the Yank was commercially available) and also installed converters in several friend's Corvettes.

If the car isn't making a ton of power or isn't going to be drag raced then absolutely no tuning changes whatsoever are needed and even if there are, it takes all of 5 minutes to do by lowering the shift points a bit and changing a value under Engine->Fuel Control->Fuel Cutoff->Acceleration Based->Accel Thresh table to keep it from acting as a secondary rev-limiter when the car accelerates too quickly.[/QUOTE

Aftermarket converters typically use a different type of clutch material, one that is not designed to slip like the stocker. The 2010 Camaro and 6L80E combination command typically 100 RPM slip at light throttle. An aftermarket TCC made of material designed for WOT lockup will fry as the computer locks and unlocks the verter seeking the preset desired slip. Maybe the yank uses a clutch similar to stock and that's why they say don't lock it at WOT Perhaps the yank does allow for some slip. Or maybe the Vette uses different tables for lockup. I know the HD trucks use the same stock verter and one would have to assume they demand full lockup all the time for towing. Otherwise the converter would'nt last a month.
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