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I must have spent a half hour to 45 minutes listening to various songs of different genres with and without that center speaker in place. I must be the only one here, but in the end.....I put it back in place hooked up.

Maybe listening through other sources makes a bigger difference or something, but for me, I listen to my music from a thumb drive and I definitely did not notice a huge difference.

What I did notice:
- Yes there may have been a bit of an improvement in seperation, but it wasn't huge. Maybe if I had listened to a track that more specifically makes use of left and right speakers purposely to fulfill an effect it would have stood out more.
- Bass does seem to come through more, and a bit louder at that, but its only because there is now less sound comming from the front of the cabin and you are able to hear the rears more clearly.
- Adding on to above point, I felt I had to turn up the volume a few clicks more to achieve the same desired volume level.
- Hope this makes sense, but at one point I closed my eyes and just tried to listen as closely as I could. With the center speaker in, it seemed like the sound source was higher, more level with my head. (To rephrase that in another way, imagine you have your eyes closed, and you hear a sound and you try to determine where it is comming from from the sound alone. ) Without the center in, it seemed as though the sound source was lower and not so "surrounding".
- Seemed like the treble....the really high tones were just not quite as loud.

To recap, if someone would have just suddenly taken my center speaker out without my knowing, I would have probably never even realized it, but trying it on your own you do notice subtle differences.

In my opinion (and going with my original thoughts) I think just adding one 10" subwoofer will make the system perfect. At that point I'll be able to turn down the bass and rely more on the large woofer, (which should stop any of that "buzzing" some of you might be hearing b/c there will be less of a strain on the speakers). By the way, my bass is only set on 5 or 6.

In the end, give it a shot...its easy to try, and maybe you will like it much more.
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