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Blue reconsidered

Alright GM, men are not generally not trained in colors past the "8 pack of Crayolas." This why we frequently argue whether something is purple or pink with our women. Also 7% of the male population is likely to be color blind to some color the spectrum verses .4% of women. Imperial blue is not blue as I am checking the "8 pack." Imperial blue is black from a distance, dark purple as you get closer (with some direct sunlight), and some kind of weird dark-purple-blue anomaly.

Lets look at the spectrum...

Name:  Baird-Slide-44-Color-Spectrum.JPG
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White- is the absence of all colors
Silver- is the absence of all colors, with some shiny on it
Black-presence of all colors (or absence of light)
Grey-almost black- with the increase of light

Now for the other colors that all exist on the right spectrum.

Reds - Yes these are real reds.
Orange-Still in the red family.
Yellows- Yes these are real yellows
Synergy Green- close to center but still hugging the right.

So this then begs the question, regardless of your ABM paint wasting away, how do you completely eliminate one side of the color spectrum? Your buyers for blue will default to black or grey. Historically you have had no problem producing some great blues.

Electron blue...

Name:  electron blue.jpeg
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Jet stream blue...

Name:  jetstream blue.jpg
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Admiral blue...

Name:  admiral blue.jpg
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Laser blue...

Name:  laser blue.jpg
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Just something to consider.
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