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I enjoyed seeing the SS on Top Gear - especially since it looked so much like my own - but was really surprised at the fact it was an auto and that they had such a bizarre match up - it simply made no sense..

Having said that - Hammy clearly really liked it - and, shock-horror - Jeremy said that it had "presence"....

Even my wife and kids who were sitting round the PC watching the "comparison" were wondering what the heck got into the heads of the Top Gear team

The one thing that I do have to say though - is that it is prety bad that the AMG sounded so much better than the Camaro !

As many other folks have said - with a fraction of the cost difference spent on addons the Camaro would take the AMG to the cleaners

Listening to the UK 40 thousand pounds / $64K reminded me how lucky I am to be in US and able to afford a Camaro ! One of the best value cars for the money on the planet !
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