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Originally Posted by MorphWS6 View Post
We're not talking about a straight line test here. With the same driver, the M6 will be faster than the A6 around the Top Gear track. That's a fact. Put the Stig behind the wheel of an M6 SS and the time would be faster. It has nothing to do with engine and everything to do with transmission when racing on a road course.
No fact about it.

Here's a copy and paste.

I think they used 'D' during the testing unfortunately. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the CTS-V. The auto tranny in the Camaro is the CTS-V auto tranny's little cousin. With that said the auto in the CTS-V outruns the manual to 60 mph (.3 sec), 100 mph (1 sec.), and around the Nurburgring!

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