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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I......don't understand what the point of bringing the AMG into that show was...I can't complain about the review too much -- I laughed a few times. But I don't get the angle.

Did they want to downplay the performance of the Camaro by pitting it against something twice the price?

I always have to remember...these TopGear Episodes are hilarious...but I tend to laugh AT them...not with'em...(who drives a Fiesta and a Vette through a mall, really?!)
To be honest with you, I think they do these odd pairings just so they can get to drive as many cars as I'm seriously betting its time constraints. Besides, it worked in our favor. Instead of getting 5 minutes of praise for the car and five minutes negativity, We got 5 minutes of how good the Camaro is and 5 minutes on how the Mercedes is better. Trust me, thats alot better than them picking the car apart for 5 minutes.
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