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Appaerantly camaropete thinks I cant drive;cause I have written something he dont like??
I said I let the clutch all the way out all at once, or quickly, ( something like that) to make sure you know, I DIDNT slip the clutch. I also said it wasnt in launch mode.
So why did he explain to me how use it?
I also said I put the pedal down. That is the throttle, how else do you get the car to go? Does he have another way to get a car to go??
He also said I have abused my car... Do I know him? Does he live next door??
I havent been to the dragstrip, I havent abused my car, I HAVE driven over the speed limit. I havent done burnouts, And I am just now turning the traction control off once in a while just to see the difference in driving.
So why does this stranger who seems to want to help; tell me I dont know how to drive?
I dont care how long he has drivin a manual shift. I think he is a know it all.
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