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'The Deal' on my Savini SV-29 wheels is as follows;


Got the wheels back yesterday. Had to go pick them up or I would have had to wait til Monday. HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't waiting.

So I had my son come and get me and went and loaded them up in his Jeep. Sent him home with the wheels and finished my work day. THEN went to our bowling league. Drank some beer and didn't smoke and still shot 637 .

So I get home last night and put the wheels on the car and crossed my fingers.

Being a total possitive thinker and having total confidence and faith that they will be good, I started the car up.

(BTW, my car REALLY wanted to be started. lol)

Took the car out for a good test drive and they vibrated completely off the car. I was stuck on the side of the road on the rotors................

Ok, not really. .. .. ..

I feel good with the wheels the way they are now. The vibration that I feel now is I guess the vibration of the road. But the big vibration is gone. Still some under load, but I guess it's just the drivetrain and feeling the power of the car up through the chasis. Still MUCH more than my 21s. So anyone thinking of going with 22 inch wheels, understand that there WILL be a shitty ride. Even with the mechanical vibration I had, gone, it still vibrates with the road. I'm ok with it becauase it's pretty much what I expected. But it's definitely riding like a tank. Just without the 'Mechanical' steerign wheel vibration it did have.

So if 21" GM wheels on a scale from 1 to 10 were the norm at 10. I'd put 22" after market wheels at about a 3.5 or maybe a 4.

One more thing. There are a TON of wheel weights on these wheels. OMG, I've never seen so many weight on a wheel. BUT the problem is fixed, so I can now move on to my headers and exhaust.

So there you have it. I"m good with my wheels. And they sure are purdy.

Oh, I just left the sensors off since GM can't get the car to work with anything. Totally weird.

Time for some loud sound and tuning.

Personal thanks to tribone for offering his time and his car to test my wheels and make sure it was all good.
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