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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
They won't :( You have 3 options:

1. You will need to remove the SS spoiler and do body work/repainting on the trunk lid if you want the high wing spoiler so getting the factory stripes on the trunk lid will be a waste of money for you. After body work and paint, install high wing spoiler and dealer stripes.

2. Find someone who bought a red LS (no spoiler) and trade him your factory spoiler trunk lid for his non spoiler trunk lid. Install high wing and dealer stripes. Should be easy to do this even though very few LS will initially be available. This is currently my best suggestion.

3. Order a new trunk lid, paint it red and then install the wing spoiler on it and re-stripe that trunk lid while keeping/selling the original with the factory installed stripes/spoiler.
I'd like to get the blade spoiler. Since it fits flush with the body as opposed to the high mounted spoiler I'm hoping it attaches the same as the stock spoiler, no repainting and body work required. I'm also assuming then I'll have to go the dealer stripes route. My concern, would the dealer stripe kit be long enough to cover the blade spoiler? And am I correct in assuming it will attach without body work and repainting? Thanks
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