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Exclamation Pack of 7 Camaros sighting!!.....Dec 08

Found this on another forum.....

A couple weekends ago I was heading to University of Cinicnnati for a visit and saw a wonderful G8 merging onto I75...great looking car and it looked brand spankin' new.

So as I'm looking at this I catch something blue out of the corner of my eye...a new Camaro...? Why here....well no time to think, and time to whip out the camera phone!
I was in the back of my dad's Touareg so I could safely lean out the window and do dad approved of the paparazzi acts.

Seven 2010 Camaros. All SS or RS trimlines. All sorts of colors and they all had numbers on the rear window from 1-7. They had funny antennas and the lead truck was a Silverado with about 10 huge antennas. So my dad got excited too and we decided to pass them all so I could get many pics...

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