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Awesome picts Mark! Still missing a few colors of the Camaro rainbow in our panoramic picture... need a cyber gray (hint, hint Vince...), a pace car, a silver ice metallic (although there is one there but the guy is like 80 and doesn't park with us), synergy green (we'll catch one the next time I think) and any other specialty Camaros. We make an AWESOME entrance and display (even if we're onto the parking lot because of lack of space ). My 10 year old summed it up the best when we drove in and the crowd watched "Mom look at those people's faces- their mouths are all open!" LOL!!!

Mark, you're welcome for the cake. Wishing you many more happy years of driving your beautiful baby.

Looking forward to our next meet. Of course we all got talking about everyone's cars and didn't plan another meet yet but we will. Just a reminder...this is what the 1st PAGE is for to provide details and such...hint, hint...(thanks Josh for keeping the 1st PAGE up to date for us)
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