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Arrow [COTW 8/2/10]: My 700+hp Addiction


My Addiction and her name is Black Lightning

I first ordered Black Lightning in April of 2009 soon after in August of 2009 she arrived at the dealership. She was sure everything I expected and more. It wasn’t long before I started thinking about what I could do to make her go faster. Low and behold I found Camaro5. That’s when I started reading about all of the crazy high performance modifications available. Well guess what soon after I was addicted.

The first thing I did was ordered a cold air intake. I bought a Roto-Fab CAI and thought wow this is incredible the sound and increased power was awesome. While I was at Roto-Fab having Mike and his crew install the CAI I saw the cool looking coil covers they make and had to have a set. These looked sweet and almost gave me a feeling that my car was even faster. Excellent products that Mike and the guys are making!

Next I was reading the Lingenfelter Performance thread on the Camaro5 forum. Well needless to say I signed up for the 550 Supercharger Package. Some of the guys were getting the 570 and 650 packages and I was really impressed with how they were turning out. I made a bet one day on the Colts that if they won that game I was upgrading to the 650 package. Well they won and even if they didn’t I was upgrading anyway. I asked Tim Dyer my sales rep what rwhp I could get if I upgraded to the 650 package and found out that my L99 would not make as much as the LS3s were making. I told him I wanted to make mine an LS3 and get an equal amount of power as the LS3. No problem for the guys at Lingenfelter they converted it to an LS3. We added a few other options to the package to make it even more power than the standard 650. This was really incredible she ended up making over 600 rwhp! I was thrilled this thing was super fast. Tim, Graham and all the crew are the best!

Next up was getting the power to the ground. Headed out for a set of Pedders Coilovers at Raymonds Alignment Center where Bruce was hosting his very first Pedders Day. Well Peter Bacsia the owner of Pedders USA was there advising and helping with the install. This went well and was a good time as there was also a car show going on at the facility for Pedders Day. The coilovers are awesome and Pete, Bruce and the guys were great.

Well before Camaro Fest there was a company called ACS that was looking for a supercharged camaro to show off their new SS9 hoods with the clear window. Wow what a great idea to show off a polished supercharger. I signed up and had one installed on my camaro this was really an excellent idea and looked way too cool. Now it was time for the new T3 front facia made by ACS. Ordered one from Joseph at ACS had it painted and installed what a great addition. This addiction was growing. Joseph and his company ACS made the appearance of my car awesome!

Now for the grand finally! Graham at Lingenfelter had a great Idea to try a set of LS9 heads and a larger camshaft on my forged LS3. I thought wow oh yeah count me in for sure. Well when the motor was out awaiting the heads to be prepped I started thinking about a bigger and better bottom end. I asked Tim how about using an LS7 7.0 liter with the LS9 heads and the wicked GT-9 camshaft. He said yeah we could do that! I said hell yes let’s do! So they ordered me an LS7 block and all the goodies to go with it. The parts all went to the assembly department to be put together. A few days later everything was installed and running. WOW was this more than I thought it would be! The power that is generated by this combination is unreal! We made over 700 rwhp on the chassis dyno and that was the Mustang Dyno to boot which is historically lower then a dynojet. Graham, Tim and all the rest of the guy’s at Lingenfelter are truly awesome!!

My very first time at the track with this set up was at the Lingenfelter Track Day event. This was only my first time trying this set up out and second time ever at a dragstrip. With the old motor I was able to run 11.58 and with the new motor I was able to run a best time of 10.52. This was without any testing and very little practice. Very soon we will be back and shooting for very low 10s or better and when I do I will let you know.

I owe a special thanks to the following: General Motors, Barry Bunker Chevrolet, Camaro5, Roto-Fab, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, Raymonds Alignment, Pedders USA, Advanced Composite Specialists and Nathan the Painter!!!!

Here is a dyno run and other videos:
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