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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
First Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to state our opinions and ideas in a forum that will be heard. You have received a lot of great ideas from Camaro owners. I would like to give my ideas as one of the guys that is truly waiting for the Z28 to arrive.

1 - I loved the HUD in my 99 Vette and would pay for that option again.
2 - Memory Seats, a much needed option
3 - The interior lights on the rearview mirror from the Corvette worked very well to light up the interior.
4 - Please DO NOT MAKE THE Z28 A TT V6!
5 - I will be happy with the LSA engine. Much, much happier with the LS9 engine. Take a look at Edelbrock's E-Force S/C package as a possible alternative to the Maggie S/C.
6 - A true air induction hood that looks like the SLP hood design.
7 - Use original Camaro colors, 67 Marina Blue is an excellent choice I might add!
8 - LED tail lights and parking lights to help distinguish the Z28 from LT & SS but please keep the RS Halo package.
9 - Any kind of weight reduction would be good.
10 - Include a short throw shifter with the Z28 package.

It is a beautiful car and I am ready to order a Z28. Thanks for this opportunity.
Hello Disciples,
The pictures of the red test mule (possible Z/28) have just been released. A lot of the items on my wish list from four months ago seem to be on the possible prototype. It has the Jay Leno Camaro front facia, CTS-V Brembo 6 piston calipers on the front, wider wheels and tires, lowered stance, smaller rear mufflers with dual tips and a supercharged engine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for not going twin turbo. Although I would prefer the engine being the LS9 over the LSA, I can very easily live with either engine. All the items shown on the prototype are positive steps in the right direction. HUD is now available and should be available on the Z/28 along with the Hurst short throw shifter. Being greedy there still a few things that I would like to see on the Z/28:

1. - A hood scoop with functional air to the air box. The SLP hood is a great hood design.
2. - The side air brake vents from the Jay Leno car in front of the rear wheels.
3. - A taller rear deck spoiler, again the SLP is a good design.
4. - Keep the RS package available as an option.
5. - Keep the sun roof as an available option.
6. - Memory seat for the driver and power passenger seat.
7. - Pick a blue metallic color that makes the car look 'alive' and ready to pounce on the competition. 1967 MARINA BLUE would be an excellent choice. Or if you have paint left over you need to get rid of, the JETSTREAM BLUE from the ZR1 Corvette.
8. - Use the Heritage Grill with the the new facia.
9. - Get rid of the fake 'mail slot' in the front bumper.

The CCW wheels used on the red prototype in a fully polished version would be really, really nice. OK, this is my update. GM and Chevy are definitely on the right track and are so close to hitting a home run on this car. My deposit is already in at the dealership and awaiting the first day of being able to order the Z/28. You ladies and men have a great responsibility, make us proud. Good luck. Steve
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