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HUGE (literally) detail from this weekend

While its not a Camaro, I still figured you guys would like to see it:

DAY 1:
A good friend and I have been trying to work out a day to get his truck by my place for a full treatment, but weather has been wreaking havoc on scheduling.
As you'll see in the pictures, this isn't exactly the kind of truck you pull into the garage to work on...

unless your garage is an airplane hanger!!

Anyways, as K&N Filters wants to shoot the truck for some promo material we were running out of time. So rather than fight the heat we decided to break it up into a 2 day ordeal... Saturday was day one.
My best friend Anthony came over to assist and thankfully so.

Got underway around 5pm, the subject a custom bulletproof suspension equipped Chevy Duramax 3500HD LTZ:

The interior was in excellent shape so I decided not to shoot any pics, a quick scrub down with Leather & Interior Cleaner and an Interior Brush broke up what little dirt there was on the light tan interior, all surfaces were treated to a dose of Leather & Interior Conditioner including the door seals. A quick vacuum with the Metrovac and the inside looked factory fresh.

Carpets were spot cleaned with Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and a carpet brush. HD rubber mats were pulled and hand scrubbed with a 50/50 APC mixture.

Exterior started with the wheels and tires... not only the dirtiest part of the truck, but they rival the paint for sheer surface area, due to the size of the job the pressure washer was going to be a necessity:

The wheels, tires, and fenders were blasted out with a wide fan angle spray at 1800psi to break up all the junk... a 50/50 mixture of APC and the fender brush tackled the tires while the Boars Hair Brush and Green Wheel Cleaner made short work of the wheels.

Next came my time to shine... being the 'tall guy' I was nominated to handle the pre-rinse. The truck was overall in excellent shape, but there were some obvious areas of neglect simply by virtue of the fact you can't reach the center of the hood without something to stand on. Continued with the pressure washer as it made soaking the outside and reaching everywhere easier. Also got under the truck and blasted the underside completely.

After pre-rinse we moved onto foaming... no... there are no shots of the new foam gun... just its capabilities. This was generated using 3oz of Adams Car Wash Shampoo to 29oz of water.

After washing we broke for dinner then returned outside to clay bar using detail spray as lube, under the warm glow of the halogen lights.

After claying we did a secondary wash and quick dry in the dark. We discussed the plan of attack for day 2 over a couple of beers then called it a night. We were to resume work at 6am the next day to try and avoid the mid day heat.

to be continued...

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