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Originally Posted by CamaroSpike23 View Post
and I get a pm requesting my opinion on this....


its different.

to start.

right now, with just the heritage grille painted, its a little much. now, if the lower grille could match it in some way, I think it might balance out. that being said, maybe a touch here or there of orange on the rims would also help balance it out. or even maybe the mail slot being painted to match as well. might have to see a couple photoshops of it first.

next.... I love the zip ties on the bowtie badge. however, your badge is not level and thus, looks horrendous. ok, not horrendous, but it stands out (to me at least).

another thing that stands out to me, (and its not just your car that does this) is the lower grille. and when I say it stands out, it literally looks like its standing out in front of the car. head on, it looks great, but from any angle, it just sticks out too much.

other than that... pm sent
Your attention to detail is the reason for the PM.

Originally Posted by Grandeos View Post
Hey PQ.... first off... I just wanted to say I always thought your ride was one of the best looking on the site. Love the color combo, and the wheels are siiiiick.
But that being said..... I dont like the solid IO grille. I think it's a bit overdone and throws off the agressive look of the grille.

HOWEVER... I see where you are going with it, wanting to tie-in the IO interior with the exterior, as the hood spears are not as strong (visually). So rather than keep the whole Heritage Grille orange, I would paint the outside of it black, leaving an IO outline around the grille. Then of course, paint the remaining 2 chrome pieces of the lower grille black as well. I took the liberty of photoshopping it for you.
This will be done.

Originally Posted by skuttduck View Post
I'm not sure what to think of the grille, I like what you did there Grandeos.

May I make another suggestion that would tie it in? Besides orange gill stripes Anyhow, my suggestion is leave the grill as is, but paint the inner diameter around the front bumper opening. If you have a clear bra similar to mine it is the horizontal surfaces that are not covered with the clear bra.

I believe that would bring all that inferno orange together better than the black. It would have a similar effect as putting an orange outline around the edge of a rim.
Like this?

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